Shoe Laces

This was written for a friend of mine. Most of it's true, so it's quite close to my heart.

Created by Nova-FoV on Saturday, December 22, 2007

The seasons change so quickly
It's getting cold again
We sit in quiet corners, talking
That's all we ever do anymore: remember
The memories are all so old
And they're always getting older
The past is all we can talk about.

We're changing with the years
We go our different ways.
We pretend it doesn't matter
This will last forever.
Won't it?
You cling to me still
Because I know you
And I know you need me.
Our steps were once one beat.

The autumn leaves that I see
All over the city;
In them you once told me
You told me why you get so angry
It isn't really me,
It's the world.
The world won't listen
Won't take it
But I will.
You push me
Because you know I won't break.

These memories hold us together now-
Two old shoes with laces tied together
Like the shoes you used to wear every day.
The memories tell about when
I taught you to how to be you,
The light in being different.
Now we are changing
Like the swift summer season;
Steps no longer together
Beat falling apart.

So let's loose the fraying laces
Step apart and become something new-
We're often opposites
But opposites can work together
Like the paint we smeared on a canvas;
One color is too moody
The other proud and gaudy.
Together they are fresh, new, and different;
And things aren't like they used to be
But then again
Do they really need to be?

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