My Idol

Created by bbbes0330 on Monday, December 24, 2007

As I lie on my bed,
Thoughts rush rapidly through my head.
Feelings I suppress during the day,
I express freely and safely; I softly whisper as I pray.
That only my Lord, Lady, and I are permitted to hear.
My pillow stained with bloody tears.
Figures, in the midst of night, creep around me,
Figures I alone can only hear and see,
They whisper angrily, they wish for me to kill.
They whisper it loudly, harshly, and with will,
I do not harm others for pleasure or for fun,.
I harm only myself, I'm the only one;
I only have myself to blame, torment, or fear;
A wall made of steel guarding my being, a wall not so sheer.
Like a star in the night sky,
I am unique from the rest, which is why
I must stay proud and strong.
Learn from my mistakes, right a wrong.
The moon is my leader,
THe loner in the sky.
Never does it bleed, never shall it cry.
A symbol of strength and individuality,
This is my idol, who I wish to be.

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