Marine Life below

I wrote this for a contest and am desperately hoping to win. I'm in the highest grade for the age category and believe that I can win. If you have anything you think would be best to change just comment on it.

Created by psychoticoutcast on Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Below the waters surface
A brilliant world goes on
All that matters is survival
No sense of right and wrong

The peace and serenity thrive
As waves crash against the shore
Not many know they're alive
Though there are millions more

The creatures below the surface
Are brilliant ones indeed
Without a second thought
They find access to what they need

Above me birds fly, and people drive by
Below me is the sand
Seeping between my toes
Beside the shore I stand

The Golden Gate bridge is on my left
and Alcatraz lies beyond
but with the water I am only concerned
About the life down there and the things I've learned

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