Ignore me

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Created by inuyashagirl111 on Saturday, January 26, 2008

Enjoy! I got this idea because this is kinda how life is like for me. I'm sure you guys can relate if you really do feel like an outcast. ( Better read out loud )
*going to the poem*
Ignore me
I sit right in front of you,
But you never look me in the eye.
You wave to everyone in the halls,
But it's me you pass by.
Im the kid,
Who never talks,
Im the one,
Who everyone mocks.
You speak to everyone but me,
It's like I'm almost not there.
You listen when I talk,
But you don't really care.
You don't know anything about me at all,
So you have to make up anything you can.
You like to "think" you know the true me,
And you try to look like the stronger man.
But to you Im a mystery,
thats what really bothers you.
Thats why Im always alone,
So what did I do?
I'm not trying to be ignored,
I just don't have much to say.
It seams to be harmless,
So why is there such a huge price to pay?
Why is it that I get glared at?
But only when you see me.
Otherwise Im ignored,
Is that the way its always going to be?
Why is it that when you hear my name,
You have to think.
Think about who I am?
And It takes a while before the words start to sink.
The few times I talk,
the few times I speak up and make a choice.
It almost shocks you,
To hear my voice.
Am I that invisible?
I am always right there.
Why is it so hard,
to notice me, To care?
Actually, I do a lot for you,
Help you with your down,
I even take the time to make you smile again.
Act like your clown.
But when its over,
Its all the same.
Me silent, and you ignoring me,
Back to our original game.
I dont get why Im the one in the dark,
The one left out in the end.
Maybe all I want,
Is you to be my friend.
I guess that wont happen,
I guess I was always meant to sit at the back.
I guess I was always meant to be invisible,
I guess thats my only track.
I understand that Im different,
But that doesnt mean I deserve this.
Im nothing but ignored.
Never looked at, and always missed.
I ask myself if youll ever remember me,
Or will I always not be there,
Will you ever have memories of me?
Or am I just not worth enough to care.
If thats the way it going to be,
Then I guess Ill just give in.
If you cant like me for who I am,
Why stand up again?
But remember that I will always sit right in front of you.
I will never go away,
I will always try to make you smile,
Each and every day.
You will probably forget me,
I guess thats the way it was meant to be,
But I will always be there for you, I will always be a part of your life,
And you will always and forever
Ignore me.

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