Hello There


Created by kilala166 on Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wanna read a poem?
Then why'd you take this? lol ^-^
Hello there, my quiet friend,
I came to visit you once again.
It seems very lonely here,
Despite all the bustle
In the street and yard.
Hello there, my silent friend.
You seem awfully cold today,
Could it be that you're not covered enough?
Would you like me to bring you more flowers?
It seems the old bouquet withered away.
Hello there, my muted friend.
Remember all the good old times?
I know they're about as old as dirt,
But they stand strong, written in stone.
I know I remember.
Hello there, my still friend.
Do you ever miss me when I leave,
Or do you continue laying in
Your safe little bed?
I always miss you.
Hello there, my stiff friend.
Do you think you could get up,
Or can you not fight threw the numb pain?
You must get so annoyed by the sheets
That cover your low temperature body all the time.
Hello there, my motionless friend.
You seem very out of it,
Are you looking over the thoughts in your past?
I've been doing that a lot lately
Since I know your birthday is coming up.
Hello there, my dead friend.
We miss you quite terribly.
I wish you were back with us, to become warm once again
And emerge out from under the crumbled memories
Beneath the granite stone that holds your being.

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