Anger Management [Short Poems]

Shackalacka[layouts] These were just poems I thought of today because I was annoyed in 6th period. I swear, there are so many people in that class that I want to strangle to death. And here are the reasons why...

Created by NineTailedFoxDemoness on Friday, March 07, 2008

Bomb Threat

No one hears the tick of the counter
She'll make sure
No one hears the
Boom! when it goes off
Like a snooze button
She delays it
But time will run out on her
When she explodes
You'd better watch out

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Time's running off the clock...


Talk, talk, talk
Talking about what?
You tell me
But all I hear is
"Something useless.
Just for the heck."
I groan and look at the
Deceivingly clear sky
And pray for depth

Stop acting so swallow. Wait, that is an act, right?

Shut up

"Quiet everyone."
Who are you to say?
"Shut up!"
No, you.
Don't hiss at me.
"Now, as I was saying, Daren likes Laura but..."
Now, refresh my memory
Who was the one who said, "Shut up"?

I just want to scream in your face right now...


You talk the talk
As if you know everything
But show me
Tell me
What is it you know
About ignorance?
Because when I look at you
I think I'm looking ignorance in the face

What is this world coming to?

Intolerable Things

Things with no meaning
Things with no feeling
Things with no life

How can you stand it?
Listening to a song
Talking and rapping about sex and drugs
You don't even listen to yourself
Or look yourself in the mirror while you sing
That stupid song I hate so much

How can you stand
Reading a book about nothing
No depth, but a lot of passion
But they don't even describe passion right
You don't even read it
For the right reasons

How can you tolerate
All these things?
But when I try to say something meaningful
Something wise and mature beyond years
Your mind turns off and all you can hear is noise
Even now, you must be listening to that song of yours
Rapping about "how we gonna have a good time tonight"
You're probably reading that book of yours
Just getting to the good part, where he takes her to bed

Can't you see what this world is coming to?

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