THE BOY. A cute poem.

Hi! This is a poem I started writing in Sociology class about a month ago and I think I've got it to where I want it. I love to write and I'm always too embarrassed to have anyone read my stuff. So that's why I'm here!

Created by Sectumsempra4444 on Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Boy

There's a boy with brown eyes
And a sweet, carefree smile.
I see him around
Every once in awhile.

Now, I'm not one for romance
Or things mushy or sappy,
But there's something about him
That makes me quite happy.

Oh, sure, he's good-looking,
Anyone would say that's true,
But it's more than appearance;
I think it's something else, too.

Like the unexplainable warmth
When he glances at me
That seeps through to my core,
The exciting chemistry...

But I must forget all that,
It's a foolish aspiration.
I could never fall in love,
It is merely a temptation.

I've nothing against love, but-
Forgive my being curt-
Why would I fall in love
When I'll only get hurt?

We would never ever happen;
Pointless to sit around and wait.
So you can understand my shock
When he asked me on a date.

The first one was exciting,
A chord within me struck.
And more nights like that followed;
I couldn't believe my luck.

Those nights of movies, dinners
Nights of unforeseen bliss...
But the best night of them all
Was the night with the first kiss.

Something changed within me,
Well, perhaps not really "changed".
Nevertheless, something shifted,
As if my feelings rearranged;

I have always looked at love
As my biggest contender,
Though, now, I must give in:
To love, I surrender.

That boy, he made me realize
That I had judged love amiss,
And I know I don't know much,
But what I do know is this:

There never could have been
A more beautiful surprise
Than falling in love
With the boy with brown eyes.

(Thanks for reading, if you did. Any feedback will be appreciated =D    
Oh, and no stealing. It's just not nice.)


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