The Lion and The Lamb

love can play cruel tricks on us.

Created by Shikafangirl on Sunday, March 23, 2008

On a day cold in September
Light drawing to a close
I spin a tale of life and woe
Of pain that lives to grow.


There lived a lamb
Who pranced and played
And wished for a brighter land,
She would dance her way to the river side
And there for long she would stand.


There lived a lion
One Brave and True
Who would chase his prey till noon,
He was filled with sorrow unsatisfied
He laid and would cry to the moon.


Two lives, two breaths
One Strong one Meek
Fate intertwined and lifted on high
Little did one know of the other
Alas, one should fall and die.


One day the river came to grow
And breath and live and fight
The lamb was lost
Into the waves
Just as gone was last-light.


The lion saw, the lion saved
And lifted her to a dam
And so it came
Too quick, to be
The lion fell in love with the lamb.


What a sadistic lion
What a foolish lamb
Their love could never be
While some may wish them well
The tragedy could not cease.


The hunter and the hunted
The liar and the lied
The fierce and the frightened
The free and the tied.


The lion however
one day found
That however deep his love
It could not silence the urge inside
To hunt and to rid of.


As lamb’s blood grew
And seeped the earth
Darkness began to creep
The lion awoke from his frenzy of death
And there he was left to weep.


The day was dark
The day was cruel
And never again would he speak
Darkened by sorrow unrecognized
He branded himself a freak.


And so it was
And so it will be
The pain of love’s true scam
On this dark day many years ago
A lion fell in love with a lamb.










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