I Guess We're Really Over

ummm yeah... i did base this on something that happened, an ex... but whatever, i just feel like posting something.

Created by Deathtopain on Friday, March 28, 2008

I keep going over the letters you sent me,
Keep grasping at my past.
I wasnt ever sure if it would work,
Was never sure if it would last.
But that doesnt mean I didnt love you,
With all my heart and soul.
You swore that you loved me too,
And at least once you said you would rather be my friend than nothing at all
But I guess that that was just a lie,
Because you did leave my side.
And even now you will not speak,
Never more do our eyes meet.
It hurts so much and I hate this life.
You always helped me,
You helped relieve the strife.
But now you wont say a thing,
No matter what I do.
I guess that you are way over me,
And that were finally through.

you can message me telling me what you thought of it if you would like, and rates are nice but not neccessary.

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