Our first fight

i really dont know y i wrote this one, i guess i was relating to when me and one of my best friends got into our first fight, and it kinda did end up this way, idk, well enjoy anways!!!!!

Created by inugrrl613 on Monday, April 14, 2008

I lay in my bed,
Late at night,
I hear the clock tick,
As i think of our previous fight.

We shouted, we screamed
We fell, we redeemed.
Something flew at the wall,
Our fists were tight in a ball.

Now that i think about it,
It was out first fight.
Do you know what will hapen,
Before tomorrow night?

'Cause tomorrow we'll meet again,
With mixed emotions,
Both angry and sad,
Both confused and mad.

I want you to make me laugh again,
Like before this afternoon,
What happened to us,
That made us fume.

I dont remember what we did,
That was so wrong,
Please tell me it was a dream, a nightmare
Tell me it was all in my head,
Something i dont have to remember ever again.

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