Daddy, please don't touch me there.

Umm...Just something I wrote one day in studyhall. I was really bored..

Created by XxPunkEmoXx on Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Daddy please don't touch me there.
It hurts so much, It's just not fair.
You told me not to tell a soul
But I just can't keep my mouth closed.
I have to tell, tell 'em what you stole.
You stole it from me and I'm only 7 years old!
Daddy, Pleas don't do this!
Daddy please stop it!
You said not to tell Mommy.
Why?! Why can't she know the beast you really are?!
So she and me won't be near you nomore.
Sometimes, when Mommy's out, you bring some friends
To show them the game you do.
That's what you call it..A game for two.
 Our "Special Game" You'll say.
Not so special, seeing as I don't wanna play!
I scream and yell and you just ignore all of my cries.
I have nightmares at night,
Mommy don't know why.
Your the reason, Daddy!
It's you and your stupid lies!
 Your stupid game, your stupid smiling face!
Why are you doing this to me?
I never hurt you. I did what you said.
Daddy, Please stop this, Please!

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