When I First Saw Your Face

this is a poem

Created by madagascarian on Friday, May 09, 2008

When I first saw your face
I cemented it in my head
To treasure it forever
Even after the day I'm dead

I heard your name and then placed it
In permanent memory
So if I heard it again I'd
Remember it perfectly

I had no reason for doing it
On instinct it was done
When my friends hear this, they smile and say
"It's meant to be, this one"

'Cause those memories came in a handy
A little later on in the year
First day of school, I look to my left
And amazingly I see you there

It was little by little
That time chose to pass
Then you and I became friends
How long could that last?

For you, perhaps a while
That didn't work for me
I wanted to be more
Which you never could see

No I hear that you might be leaving
But I won't cry with disgrace
The mem'ry of you will live in me
From when I first saw your face

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