A Sad Cholo

I didn't write it nor know who wrote it. This poem represents an old friend of mine and i like it, hope you do to.

Created by Midnight...Eclipse on Monday, May 12, 2008

This cholo cried,
su corazon has died,
a jaina he once had,
left him feeling sad,
at night he looks up at the sky,
tries to hide his sadness by getting high,
he puts his cuete to his head,
thinking he was better off dead,
he puts in his clip,
takes another hit,
a tear goes down his face,
as he holds his gun in place,
he pulls the trigger,
the bullet cuts through like a knife,
he lays in a puddle of blood,
he has taken his life,
he wrote a note and put it in his hand,
telling her he thought he was her only man,
I saw the note,
and took this quote,
this is what it read...
"This blood I shed,
is from a bullet to the head,
over and over I cried and cried,
with me all our memories have died,
our love I tried to save,
it didn't happen,
so I take it with me to the grave..."

-el scarface

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