Were we meant to be friends or Lovers

This is how I feel about a guy who asked me out last week on wednesday who I met last year in 7th grade but am not sure if we were meant to be friends or a couple or is it too soon.

Created by slytheringrl55 on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The first time I saw you I thought we could be
together is it our destiny I liked you I did
alot Sometimes I wondered what you were doing
or were you standing in the same spot
I like you I really do when you first asked
me out right after the play I was filled with
butterflies I wanted to be with you so badly
now that I am with you it really isn't as great
we really aren't getting anywhere and we only hang out
sometimes unlike most couples it's okay but were we
really meant to be or were we meant to be friends
I mean your funny and your cool but doyou like me the same way
as I do if not I will give it a shot but if it doesn't work out I'll break up with you over the summer
not to disturb you or anything I don't think this will last but okay I will see
what happens next but if we do break up we can still be friends it's just
maybe we weren't made to be together or maybe it's too soon
but whatever it is I like you just the way you are friend or boyfriend
it doesn't matter as long as we understand each other.
I will support you in anything that you do and I hope
you will support in anything that I do.

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