Love Me Forever (sweet poem)

thanks for reading =)

Created by AsianChicks on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I use to be this girl

Hoping for a fairytale

With so much love to give

But my heart soon grew frail

Heartbreak was inevitable

Fury had been released

But still the pain was unbearable

The grief could only increase

But you came as my hero

When I no longer could breathe

You promised me security

And that you’d never leave

You saved me from treachery

But I’m hesitant to trust

How can I tell what’s real?

Whether it’s love or just lust?

This isn’t a game

I’m certainly no prize

I’m far from perfection

I hope you realize

Tears come so easily

I’m nothing but a mess

You’re a knight in shining armour

Saving a damsel in distress

When you hold me in your arms

All the tears just melt away

You’re my air; I need you

Your smile can make my day

I’ll slowly rebuild myself

To be stronger, to be better

As long as you promise this

Promise you’ll love me forever

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