A Mother's Strength

This is in memory of my niece that died in a car wreck almost three years ago. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of her.

Created by GarnetStarRain on Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fate is cold hearted when she wants to be.
One minuet all is well as laughter is heard.
The next, sirens wail in the distance as screams are heard.
That night was slow as if time itself stopped.
The next day all of us, save our father, headed up to see her.
I see the fears in your eyes as I enter the room.
The pain, suffering, hate, love anguish.
Why must you go through such a thing with one so young.
I try to hide my tears and be strong for you.
Turns out, my strength is compleatly gone.
Our roles switched for the first time since we've known eachother.
You had the strength while I held the weakness.
You did not blame me for it.
You even yelled at me for thinking it was my fault.
The only one you blamed was the one not paying attention.
Now we sit in anticipation waiting for the news.
You knew what the news was even before the doctor spoke.
You shed few tears as you made your descion.
I, on the other hand, shed more than any of us there that day.
With one last kiss and hug, I left you alone with her to say your goodbyes.
A year and a half has passed and the memories of the wreck are still fresh in my mind.
I try to block them out but it is as if I am watching a movie in my mind as it plays out.
I stood there today in front of her grave after I placed the Christmas wreath on it i made thinking of her.
I have to say, I will never be as good of a mother as you were that day.
You are truly an inspiration, Sis.
I wish she was here with us but she was needed else where.
One day we will see her again.
Until then, let's keep her memory alive in our hearts and never forget that living for today is just as important as remembering the past.

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