STONER POEM(its really good,read it!)

Created by heartbrokenlover13 on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When your high,
Time goes by,
You sit and lay,
While you drift your day away,
We'r stoners through and through,
We smoke,we toke,thats what we do,
Green is good,thats what we say,
We just sit and bake all day,
What can we harm? We're all chill,
Just think if we had a marijuana bill,
All the weed we smoke,
Makes us all go broke,
but we don't give a fuck we get weed no matter what the luck,
We smoke every day,
anywhere,any place,any time,
but its always hard to find a dime,
Now pass that joint,
You have a point,
It's good for you,
Fuckin hit that shit dude,
Where's the bong?,
It wont take verry long,
Wanna "poke sum smot",
Give me a try so I can break up this pot,
Whats the difference, there both the same,
Bongs,bubblers,all of the sort,
Don't get caught,you'll go to court,
Blazzed all day,
I love token each and every way,
We're stoners through and through,
We smoke,we toke, thats what we do!!

I hope you liked it!! RATE IF U WANT, ITS YOUR CHOICE!!

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