goodbye boyfriend,goodbye bestfriend

Created by ceceanna on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i thought i ran away from love
but i know now thats not true
you betrayed me
so i now run from you

you told me i was the only girl for you
your first love
you even called me your boo

i know that you liked her all along
and now that im gone
you can have her
she was only my very best friend

i lost you and my best friend
but im better off in the end
she will soon learn
that every tributeand lovepoem you told her
you said to me

you have the sloppy seconds
and then broken friendship
i am free of a guy who only broke my heart
he lied to me from the start
and he will do the same to you
i know this to be true
he's not the right guy for me
or for you

so goodbye boyfriend, goodbye best friend

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