A Prayer For Nanny (Grandma)

This poem is original (meaning, incase you didn't know, that wrote it!), so please don't take it or use it for your own without permission or crediting me! I don't write poems often and they're rarely any good. So please don't take it on me! Thanks.

Created by SlaveToMyWords on Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dear Jesus,

Protect my nanny every day,
Be the flame that lights her way.
Open her

eyes and make her see,
Nobody loves her as much as me.
Lean down and whisper in her ear,
That I will love her 'til the end of our years.
Tell her sometimes it's ok to cry.
It's no one else's buisness why.
Let her know she's not alone,
Etch in her mind the words of my poem.
My nanny, you see, is precious to me.
As precious as any one person can be.
Words can't express my deep gratitude,
Towards my dear nanny, and all she can do.
Thank you Lord for listening again;
Please pass on my message, and 'til next time;


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