i Love you granny!

My granny (great grandma) died in 2005 and we're still shocked how she died. Granny we love you and you're always in our prayers. We'll never forget you!! i cried so much and loud they had to take me out of the room in the middle of the Funeral. Terrible

Created by T0xiCl0vE202 on Friday, May 23, 2008

i miss you granny
Like nothing else before
Nothing like your death could ever block the door.
I miss your curiosity,
i miss your sweetold smell
i miss everything about you
even though i thought i'd never tell
Your death has affected me,
so super duper much,
that when i look at a picture of you
I can almost feel your touch.
I hope your with grandaddy,
even though i never saw him.
only in pictures ofcourse
tell him i love him very much.
I'm still not over the grief or the way my momma cried.
But still if you get a chance send some love, we're stil shocked how you died.
We Love You Granny.
Denton/Carroll/Wagnon Family.
We Miss you!

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