Climbing a mountain.

About mountains, and nature, and oddly enough the fountain of youth. Hey, fountain and mountain rhyme, I had to do it...

Created by TreeLeafWaterOcean on Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm climbing a mountain,
It's rocky and tall,
tree branches climb high,
makes me feel small.
I'm searching for a fountain
the fountain of youth
I doubt that I'll find it at all
but on my map a river leads
to where a boulder lies,
but fallen tree leaves
exclude it from my eyes.
So I keep walking,
until I hear
the roaring of the river
and an old man calls,
telling me to come hither
so I walk just as near,
as I'm willing to get,
when I slip and fall.
The man helps me up
asks if i'll lend him an ear
and tells me a story
of a big hidden rock
where many leaves have fallen
and it marks the fountain of youth.
Then I realize I'm on it.

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