Poem of a "pimp"


Created by SweetFreak26 on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yo! my name is jo!
i wear my hat backwards and my pants down low!
They say dat i'm a pimp, they say i wit the gang
but all their thoughs are criminally insane!
cuz i'm not like dat, no i'm not at all!
Truth is i'm a jesus man! Thats better then them all!
ya i go to my church, ya i aint gonna fall
cuz my church is much more fun then da mall!
my gang says. hey jo? what up wit you man?
i thought you were one of us, and we aint a jesus fan!
Guys, that just aint right! Because my jesus is the best!
And who needs friends who are going to their7th coke fest?
Cuz i love my gawd, and don't try to protest.
And now i am sure that he is bettah than the rest!

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