Albert Einstein

Freestyle about Albert Einstein

Created by minhnguyen592 on Friday, June 13, 2008

The name’s Einstein, a German-born physicist,

My most interest is science and mathematics.

I give up my religion, so I’m atheist,

But I’m the smartest dude, cuz I was guided by physics.

My talent was recognized by my friend, Marcel Grossmann,

Thanks to him, I got a patent in Switzerland.

I can prove everything, cuz my theories are logical,

Like the atoms that show that light is composed of particles.

The space and time, not construct of the mind,

My special theory of relativity can only shine.

I predicted the gravity waves,

Such as light waves, disperse, and saved.

I believed the universe has determined order,

The universe is not a probable disorder.

I worked to find a unified field theory,

But now that I’m dead, I can never finish my discovery.

Since the theory was verified, I became an urban legend,

Even though I’m gone, this is definitely not the end.

My fame gave me opportunity to draw attention,

To worthy causes of peace, freedom, and education.

Just keep your mind open and let it bend,

As time moves on, the universe extend.

Within you, without you, as I relate,

Imagination’s more important than knowledge create.

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