"I'm That Girl"

hey guys I hope you like this poem as much as my first poem "Missing You" that is now on the top rated list after only 3 days of being on here whoa lol so I want 2 say thnx 2 those ppl who rated it ;D and if you like it keep rating, or email me to let me know what you think about what I should improve on if I ever wanna become a better writer =/ well.. I hope you guys enjoy this poem to I wrote it a while ago so its not so old =D

Created by Craziiangel91 on Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm that girl that holds a smile on her face,

even when things are a mess and her faith falls out of place,

I'm that girl who believes in taking chances for what I want,

instead of pretending to be happy as someone I'm not .

I'm that girl who's not afraid to let her emotions show,

and learns to go on as her feelings start to grow,

I'm that girl who would never give up on the love of her life,

because thereare two paths she can make the wrong or the right,

I'm that girl who would travel a million miles away,

just to find the love that shes been waiting for everyday.

I'm that girl who dosen't care about what other people think of my style,

the one that savors every moment even if its only for a little while,

I'm that girl that can never keep a secret,

I'm shy but that dosen't mean I can ever keep it,

I'm that girl who kisses but dosen't believe,

because she's sad if she lets go and then her love would leave.

I'm that girl that people call weird, random, and dramatic,

but theres more to me if you'll listen behind all the noise and static,

I'm that girl that can cry and laugh all at the same time,

the one that's innocent looking but can commit a heartbroken crime,

I'm that girl that trys hard to push herself through,

the one that dosen't care if she'll ever fit in tobe kool.

I'm that girl you can call unperfect,

my hairs always a mess,

I'm under alot of pessure and all the stress,

I'm really not so diffrent as the rest,

if it were up to me I'll say I come in second best.

I'm that girl who loves to laugh,

the one that can joke around till things get out of control,

the one who envy's those blond girls and there perfect lives,

meanwhile I'm stuck on this wild ride.

I'm that girl that loves to dream,

but this reality is not what it seems,

a fairytale ending waiting to come true,

another risk worth taking what does she have to lose?

I'm that girl who can never prove what she can really do,

because she gives up to easily but none really knew,

instead shes judged by others that are strangers to her eyes,

bottled up with any goodbyes and silent cries for help,

but nones there so she has to rely on herself...

I'm that girl,

and that is my world...


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