Junk Food

A great poem for the children!

Created by swappie10 on Sunday, June 15, 2008


I’m home alone, my sister’s sleeping

That’s good, I’m ready

Soon I’m not going to be that steady

I look at biscuits, chocolate and the candy bars

I’m ready oh I’m ready to get my teeth filled with dirt

I grab the melted chocolate which is now smothered in my shirt

I shove the musk sticks, the chocolate biscuits, and the jellybeans altogether, yum, yum, yummy

The bears are so gummy

The chewing gum is so chewy

The chocolate is so chocolaty

I’m Junk Food Man, not my sister, not my daddy, not my mummy

I approach the chewing gum and chew hard

And then I indulge the taste to my mouth,


Too yummy

I pour the melted chocolate in the dish

I lick and I lick

But then... my stomach is upset

I feel very sick!

My teeth are way past dirty

And my shirt

It’s filled with dirt

My stomach feels horrible and...

I vomited!

The next day

Mum woke me up

I brushed my teeth

She told me to wear good clothes

I wore good clothes

She shoved me in the car

When we arrived

I was in the dentist

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