Someone I Can't Have

I wanted to write something where there was a very obsessive and haunting person. This is the outcome :] It's ok. I find it very...creepy and haunting lol. It's not my best, but you gotta learn ;]

Created by x-MUSICFREAK-x on Friday, June 20, 2008

To fall in love with someone you can't have.
I've been living with this my whole life.
I feel so alone without him.
When I think of him, my heart jumps and I blush.
When I think that I'm not with him, my heart sinks.
I love him.
But her loves her.
Not me.
That smile is never at me.
I want it to be.
But it won't.
I love him. I love him.
So I'll take this razor tonight.
Carve his name into me.
That's the only way I'll have him.
And when he sees my body,
Cold and read soaked,
I hope he notices it's me.
The one he pushed away.
The one he ignored.
The one who loved him.

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