Pathetic Human Being

I wrote this on December of 2007. Enjoy. (:

Created by imnomoreschitzothanmost on Thursday, June 26, 2008

You are just a human being.

You might be more intelligent than the rest of the species on this Earth,

You might walk upright,

You might understand things that other creatures below you are ignorant of,

You might be the top of the food chain,

You might feel stronger emotions and have a name for each of them,

You might understand technology and have a religion to keep you sane when your mind starts wandering around the meaning of life, or the reason of your existence.

But guess what, sweetheart.

You’re still just a pathetic human being.

Because your mind wanders beyond what really matters and what stands in front of you,

Because you let jealousy take you over,

Because all you live for is pleasure,

Because you’re so selfish,

Because you crave attention,

Because you fear what you can’t understand, and dislike what you can’t control.

And here you sit, reading a pathetic poem that another fellow pathetic human wrote, on this pathetic thing called “the internet” that another pathetic human being created, thinking to yourself that you’re above anything and anyone on this planet.

And who can blame you? Since there’s nothing higher than you to come and prove your worthlessness.

And what’s funny, is that you let this eat at you, and make you realize of your failures.

And you let sounds control your emotions, and sometimes even actions.

Sounds called “music.”

And sometimes you even leave stains upon those sounds, and every time you come upon those stains, your mind wanders back to when the time you left them.

Called “memories.”

And maybe I just left another of those stains, or maybe you managed to clean it up.

But go on, leave.

Leave with your same pathetic mind to think of what you always manage to think of everyday.

Because as pathetic as it might be, you and your pathetic mind are what strangely makes this world so beautiful.

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