As usual I'm writing as I go...Though I would like to thank fournation93 just a little bit for the theme of this poem so thanks!^_^ Enjoy.

Created by padfootsmistress777 on Sunday, June 29, 2008

To the sky
to the ground
To the wind
that makes a sound
Fire lightens
the darkness that comes
Thank you all great elements above
The air it moves
like music and soul
the ground it takes
total control
fire sways to left and right
water all but takes flight
Fire Water Earth Air
wonderfult thing of nature there.
Flowing, intertwinning with eachother
One can't live
without the other.
Each of the elements are very important
but there is one more that has not been spoken
Time is the elemnt of surprise.
And is the key to where the others lie

Fire Water Earth Air
Each as important
as the other three there.

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