Don't cry for me when I'm gone


Created by Amial on Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't let me see you cry

when time comes for me to go

don't let me hear good bye

because it isn't so.

I'll be holding hands with Jesus Christ

after my last breathe.

For once, everything will be alright

because I have no regrets

Don't you cry for me

my heart's no longer broken

can't you see

I'm going to a better place and I'm not joking

No more tears will fall down my eyes

No more pain will I feel

I'll loose all emotional ties

as my body becomes still.

Mommy, daddy don't let me see you cry

cause Jesus needs me now

So it is time for my good bye.

I'll be standing behind those pearly gates

waiting for you to come

so when you come don't be late

a great victory is won.

Warning: This poem is published by stealing 0.o
In loving memory of my older sister Misty. Happy Birthday! You were too young to go! Mom really misses you.

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