Rainbows and Unicorns

A poem I made when I was a little girl... I've always loved shiny and pretty stuff, so I guess it sort of shows!! ^^

Created by Kurote on Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The rainbow of heaven
Glittered its magic
My unicorn Kevin
had a life tragic
It started when he
frolicked happily
at the town
Crystal Shree
In Crystal Shree
Located at sea
there lives a tree
of great power be.
Rose Vines climb
onto the bark
of the color lime
where it is never dark.
The fruits on the tree
Holds many flavors
One is black tea
which many do savors
But Kevin is known
'tis knowledge disown
And he munched on the fruit
And spat out a newt
The newt lived in the fruit
And the newt was a witch
Who's spell he did shoot
And Kevin was soaked in pitch.
Now Kevin is brown
No longer shiny
He still feels down
And oh so tiny.
From Heaven
Of the rainbow
Who's fur did glow

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