I just can't let you go...

this is for you, you kno who u are.... i hope.... im sory this is just to hard for me....

Created by angelkat2013 on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One more laugh,
one more smile,
that’s all I need, even for a while.
I want to breathe you every waking moment,
but I don’t kno if I can,
if I can stand the pain,
of all those girls running through your mind,
and now they are running through mine.
I want to be your priority,
I want to be there,
I want to love you like no one can.
I just don’t kno if I can,
if u cant let me in.
I’ll do my best to comfort your broken heart,
as I’m tryin to repair mine.
I’ll do my best to give you your time,
I'll do my best to give you your space,
when ever you need it.
I love you so much,
you just don’t understand,
but i hope this will help you understand,
how much i need you,
and love you...I don't want to love you tho,
that’s just the thing.
you are the spring in my heart,
the flowers just keep on growing,
and I cant stop them.
I cant help but love you,
that’s the thing you don’t understand,
I just cant let you go,
you just need to kno,
I can't stand by,
and let you leave without my heart,
you just have to take it,
I just don’t kno why.
And I can't hide,
my broken heart forever,
you kno you want it,
you kno you want to key to my heart,
but it's too late you already have it.
I just don’t think you kno it yet.
I don’t kno why,
I kno you too well,
to just let you go your too good,
and that’s the truth.
but I'll be with you through and through.
I just want you by my side,
I want to be by your side.
I just don’t kno why.
just give us another try,
you wont regret it,
I swear...
As long as you forget the other girls....
and make me your world!!!
But if you can't,
I guess I'll have to just,
leave you behind...

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