Keep Trying

ya, im bored... too bad for u if its not good! oh, and im probably gonna copy-paste this into Lyrics... idk which way it should go...

Created by Julianagra on Monday, July 14, 2008

When he's not there,
You're all alone,
You need something,
To keep you going,
Dont run away,
Or simply chicken out,
You can help yourself,
Just keep trying.

When you feel afraid,
Like giving up,
When everything
Is falling down,
You'll be ok,
Without a bit ofdoubt.
Look deep inside yourself,
Just keep trying.

Even when you feel afraid,
Like nothing's getting done,
When everything's coming apart,
Just hold your head up to the clouds,
You're really not alone,

You can be your own best friend...

If you're feeling down,

Nothing works,

Be the best you,

It will work out,

Look to yourself,

You'll see the best way out,
Do all you can do,
Just keep trying

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