you make me smile!

Created by bunz46 on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

whenever i'm not with you,
i'm wishing that i was.
Waiting to kiss you,
Or pull you in a hug.
People sometimes ask me:
is the glass half empty or half full?
I say when I'm with you,
It's neither, its overflowing on the floor!
Some people in relationships
Need a special, gentle touch.
But just walking with you,
Seeing your smile, thats enough!
I love everything about you.
from your eyes
to your hands with mine.
i see right through you, you don't tell lies.
your laugh is free and easy.
you squin your eyes when you smile.
with you, it's aesy to giggle along,
to go the extra mile.
there will always be those days
when the sun isn't sining.
but when i hear your voice,
i can feel the sun rising.
no matter how much i write here,
there will always be more.
you're so indescribable,
there's so much to explore.
behind all these words, there's something that i know.
it's hidden in my heart.
i know i'll never forget.
because you saw inside me from the start.

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