cross roads...

hi ^_^ let me know wat you think of this poem!

Created by kjsoccer13 on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sitting on my roof
gazing up at the stars
with you on my mind
consuming my every thought
the summer breeze blowing
the clounds rolling in
and the rain beginning to fall
just like on that day
when we were at the crossroads
of love and pain
of me and him
you had tears in your eyes
saying that you loved me
that is why you had to do this
you didnt see the tears in my eyes
i watched you turn down the path
shrouded in darkness and sorrow
knowing that you were forever out of reach
i reached out to save you
trying to pull you to the light
in desperation my lips find yours
you pull away in tears
Lighting clashing...
thunder roaring...
time stopped...
the earth shook...
you turn away
never looking back
to me standing at the crossroads
slipping back into the darkness

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