Equality (A must read)

A brighter side on an on-going war all over the world. Can't we all just get along?

Created by hellwere on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is equality,
Life is hardships,
Life is cruel,
Life is love.

You and me,
You and I,
We are not so different,
A strange bond holds us tight.

Your skin colored,
Mine white,
I always thought they mixed.

The KKK,
Can't they learn to spell 'C'lan correctly,
It seems,
They are the inferior ones.

Hate holds our lives together,
Yet so does love,
How can these two live in harmony,
An impossible question.

Why hate?
Then, why love?
Emotions swirl,
Friendships are ruined.

There is no difference,
Black or white,
Red or yellow,
Person or person.

We are all the same on one level,
We all live on this Earth,
Every race, religion, thought, idea,
We all live together,
Equality is just around the corner.

If you let it be.

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