Forever you will be, My bestie

a poem/rap for my best friend

Created by jasmine5299 on Saturday, July 19, 2008

Forever you will be,my Bestie

Remember when i first met you
It was back at 45
I really didnt like you
I don't know why

We fought two times
and aurgued the rest
would have never thought you'd
become my best

From passing Notes in the back of class
Til talking to older boys being Fast

No matter what the Niggas say about Sam
It will never be true
Because no one know my Sam the way i know you.

I tell you when your wrong
You do the same
I help you out when you forget so and so's name
This is real life this isn't a Game
Forget all the wealth
We don't need the Fame
When we Got two Beautiful Friends
Whowill be down for eachother
Crying, Laughing, Shooting up the place
Then smilingin the owner's face

But that's us...
Flip anyone whosay anything about it
Thats just how it is and i dont care whodon'tsee
That You and i are Tru Friends forever and will always be

My Bestie

Love ya bestie, Jazz

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