A Poem To Save The World


Created by Fleor on Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Poem to Save Our World ©

Every day my heart shatters, my soul is torn

Day after day our hatred for each other has grown

We’ve killed men, we’ve killed women and we’ve killed children

We’ve even killed babies before they were born

* * *

Our hearts have blackened when they were once white as snow

We’ve torn countries and families with every shot and blow

We’ve put out the candle of hope so it would never again glow

This is all our own doing and nothing else’s throw

* * *

The Earth complains every night and every day

“Why do this to me?” it asks with tears, no foul, no play

Animals kicked out of their own forests when wanting to stay

Trees cut down, no mercy, and on the ground now they lay

* * *

Dolphins, whales and even sharks too

Mad at humans for not keeping their oceans blue

Children being orphaned, and why? They haven’t got a clue

Every three seconds a human in Africa dies, oh yes it’s true

* * *

“You’ve got your head in the clouds” people might tell me

But I will not stop till I get every creature free!

Wars all over and all the big ones care for is freakin’ tea!

I’ll ask for help from every one and I shall even plea

* * *

“You can’t save the world” they say, but at least I try

I’ll try every way there is, and if need be, I will even fly

It will not be an easy job, I won’t lie

But I won’t sit here while humans, animals and all the plants die

* * *

All around the world, wars, poverty and starvation

It will not all go away with a simple incantation

Let’s stick together and be a family, not just a nation

Don’t be shallow and only think of your summer vacation

* * *

If Bob Marley knew about all this, he’s be rolling in his grave

Learn from that man who fought against hate and always stood so brave

Do you not realize you’re ruining what god gave?

Do you not know that others feel, not just work for you as a slave

* * *

We all need to get under a lot of rehabilitation

I believe John’s words that one day out generation is gonna rule the population

And I will do every thing to cast that complicated incantation

Because I believe that ours is the future generation

* * *

I’ll wait with you John Mayer for the world to change

For our world had become like an open range

So let’s be different and start with a new page

Let’s be the ones who take the spotlight on stage

* * *

What’s the point of fighting when there’ll be nothing to fight for?

You’re healthy and you have your family, so what do you need more?

Children playing in the back yard with pets whined up on the floor

They bleed to death, so did you have to? Or were you just having a bore?

* * *

Close your eyes and imagine that happening to your own kids

Babies all over needing bandages and a lot of meds

Hospitals so full that they’re in need of much more beds

The problem with you is if any one wants peace then off with their heads

* * *

You don’t even try to listen to what we’re saying

Why don’t you understand what all of us are doing?

We lay in our beds every night just wishing

Wishing to be heard, understood or thanked for trying

* * *

You say sacrifices must be made for more freedom

What I think you need is the strongest word of wisdom

And if all this keeps up I‘ll announce treason

Don’t waste you lives bickering with guns and just live ‘em

* * *

You think you’re all so smart to have survived till now on Earth

But animals did it first and you know it’s the truth

So stop and think about what all of this is worth

Stop killing every creature that gives birth

* * *

Our grandchildren won’t see polar bears, is that fare?

Animals are put to sleep to make some purses and fake hair

Why do I even bother? You’ll never learn to share

And you who only talk get a move on instead of just glare

* * *

Mr. Harrison Ford is against killing tigers and with him I am

One day I’ll be as big as him and you’ll all be saying “Yes, Ma’am”

Then you’ll do something instead of sitting eating P.B and Jam

And when you do, then you’ll truly have true (Salam)

* * *

That’s an Arabic word which means peace

In Arabic, English, Spanish or even words of Greece

You’ll never understand the true meaning of the word (peace)

Well, I’ll bet you you’ll get it if you ask your little niece

* * *

“Stand for what you believe in” is what I always say

I’ll do what ever possible till my hair turns grey

I’ll destroy whatever’s in my way like a prey

“You’ll give up one day” you say but I say “No way”

* * *

You don’t even listen to an animal saying “Have mercy”

You should’ve known you would have the curtsy

You’re feelings died after your first kill, so you don’t see

I’ll have help from every land and every sea

* * *

How much time do we have? Not a lot

I won’t stop moving unless I get caught

And I’ll need help from all you lot

I’ll need all the courage, dedication and words you’ve got

* * *

Use every power you have and don’t hold back

If we all unite together we’ll be as tall as Shaq!

And we’ll whiten their hearts which have turned black

We’ll win this fight with a shout and a smack

* * *

So join me troops and let’s lose no time

Let’s get together; it’s our time to shine

Don’t think about it and here just sign

I know for sure we’ll do it and bells shall chime

* * *

Just sign your name after me, Miss Spoon

Our nights will be perfect like a clear full moon

And I’ll write to y’all again pretty soon

You know my words are true, I’m not some loon!

**I tried to makea list and post it here but apparantley the journal posts aren't working so...let's just make the list here and be done with it. when journal posts start working again I'll transfer the list there..
Here we Go!!
1.Miss Spoon

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