love and care

well read and think. comment if you want message. but please rate =)

Created by annkay on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

love it a strange feeling inside you
love is it something deadly
love is it tears you cry
love is something inside that feeling that makes you smile everytime you see her/him
love can be careless but cluless no
the winds of the cold night blow as the light form tiny house turn on the moon fully glowing
love how can you forget it
can you regreat it
can you know when it right to let it go
love is power that you hold inside
that red heart inside you is pure and can be broken if a accdent come along
love it a power you don't want to mess with
love it a thing everyone knows about
love it something you can't explain it's power is strong then you think.
bye ann
made it less then 3 minutes=]

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