I'm Done With You...

Created by MUSICSxMYxLIFE on Thursday, July 31, 2008

I sat there morning
In the corner
Of my darkened room

How could my laughter end so quickly?
On that saddened day
Nothing could hurt
More than this
A friendship blown away

How could you say those things to me?
Did I even do anything wrong?
Now my complete puzzle is broken
You were lying to me all along

You just stabbed me in the back
What more is there to say?
Ripped out my heart
And threw our friendship all away

So what do you do?
You blame me
For all our fights
And your troubles
When you should be the one
Crying in the puddle

But your not
Can you believe that?
And I’m the one
Being stepped on
Like the dirty mat

Then you come around again
And I forgive you
Time after time
Isn’t that enough of me
Wasting all my time

Not for you
It isn’t
You lie and cheat some more
And here I am
Once again
Lying on the floor

I thought you went and changed your ways
But you didn’t
Not at all
You’re the same old person
That I knew
When everything was wrong

I’m done with you
That’s right
I’m through
With all your
Custom fights
And no longer
Will you give me
All those sleepless nights

So next time
That you hurt me
I’ll be comin back swingin
And this time
You’re gonna be the one who’s
Coming out bleedin

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