Stand By Me

This poem is just made because I feel terably depressed and lonely. Im still single and bleeding threw all my cuts. Please message me if you like this I made this while i was lisening to Your Guardain Angel by The Red Jumpsute Appararus. Yes im still emo evan though im now sometimes writeing poems about love!!!

Created by IxAmxEmoX9X5 on Friday, August 01, 2008

Stand by me.
Hold me threw the night.
Tell me you love me.
Never let me fall.
Stand bye me.
Love me forever.
Be there for me when I cry.
Hold me when I feel all my hope is lost.
Your my everything.
Im your everthing.
I want it to stay that way.
Stand by me.
Dont let me fall.
Tell me you love me forever.
And ill do the same.
Please forgive me ifI screw up.
Tell me im the most inporatant thing on this earth.
Even if I say Im not.
Never let me fall.
Stand up for me when I get teased at school.
Stand by me.
And love me.
I promis to love you.
I really do.
Please love me.
Please stand by me.
PleaseI beg you.
Love me.
Stand by me threw it all.emo.jpg
I am emo.
Emo forever.

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