Love, a four letter word that doesn't exist.

finally realise i'm better off without assholes in my life..... taking over my emotionally disturbed heart, and managing to shatter what's left of it.

Created by SparzzyGrrl on Sunday, August 10, 2008

I thought it was love at first sight,
But 'twas only infatuation,
I was yet another victim of that dreaded disease,
sweeping across the nation.

i believed that i loved you,
though you never loved me in return,
now i wish i could go back,
and make myself see, that you would never turn.

I wanted so hard, to have something i never had,
yet you managed to ruin it for me,
i still forgave you,
and wished for it to be.

Everyone says,
things happen for a reason,
maybe this was a way,
for me to learn of treason.

Love is fair,
Love is blind,
Love has made me lose my mind.

But then again, it was lost far beyond the time you came along....

I wanted something to believe in,
but it was only a false hope,
now i'm alone,
and only left to mope.

i wish i had never met you,
but then, i would be mistaken,
though you were an asshole,
i would never learned how to move on,
and life my life the way i want to.
~emoting, sorry for any grammatical errors i may have missed. such as captialising most of the words. but it's late and i'm sleepy.....~

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