I am Me

this poem is for the ppl who have to hide who they r. just be urself

Created by pinkxrazorxcupcakes on Monday, August 11, 2008

i am Me
i am who i wanna be
i dont shop at abercrombie
i dont wear a size 0
i am me and i am unique
i get acne and there are days when my hair can never be right,
i have my ditzy moments where i dont sound too smart,
i have my own thoughts and dreams,
whats wrong with that?
i listen to music that will make your ears hurt,
i write in a journal that holds my troubles,
i am not "normal"
i like both genders,
i am not "normal",
i choose to wear skin tight jeans,
i am me call me whatever you please,
i have imperfect hair and teeth,
my makeups not perfect,
my eyeliner does smudge,
i have trouble with self esteem,
i used to cut myself,
i am not him,
i am not her,
i am not u, i am me,
i am still human, im just unique,

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