Slant Rhymes

A slant rhyme poem about slant rhymes

Created by laurenchitchat on Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slant Rhymes

Slant rhymes are strange... Not exactly alike...

Slantrhymes can change, the sound of what's right.

They mess with your head; they make you feel screwy,

Are they real old? Or actually newy.

Who can know? Who can tell?

Who can see that they're swell?

I can only rhyme normal! Why try to change me?

I'm stuck in this gear, and I'm going to go crazy!

Slant rhymes, slanted lines, what is the difference?

They're out of the ordinary; they're supposed to be tasteless!

Why can't they be normal? Why can't they be sane?

Why can't they just rhyme? Why can't they be plain?

I'll ponder it further... today I'm out of time...

I better leave it behind me… Or I'll lose my mind.

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