15 things girls like in guys.

Everything that I THINK every girl wants in a boyfriend. If i put (me) next to it. Then its coz I want that in a guy too. STILL EMO!!! Had to say it. I know this sounds selfish because alot of it is my thoughts. But guys this should help you with your love life. And mine if I had one :( no boyfriend, single sadly. Like i said GUYS READ THIS IT COULD HELP YOU!

Created by IxAmxEmoX9X5 on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1. Have him watch you sleep and stroke your hair, evan though your knocked out cold and can berly feel it.(me)
2. Have him hold you tight in your arms just because he want to.(me)
3. To bring you flowers for no aparernt reason and as you if you want to see a movie.
4. Him to call you just because he missed hearing your voice(me)
5.Emo.(You: why did you put this?)(Me:Because I know some girls adore emo guys, im one of them)
6. Him drag you into see a scarrie movie(even if you dont want to.) just so he can hold you when you get scared.(me: I FUCKING HATE SCARRIE MOVIES! And yet id see one with my boyfriend ifI had one just so he couldhold me.)
7.Senseative and sweet.(me)
8.Protective and careing. Just not to protective. Unless your her best friend in the whole world or a brother. Then be as protective as you want.(Me: I have no brother to protect me :'[)< --- not a smiley!
9. Loveing and willing to do anything to keep her safe.(me)
10. Will come over in the middle of the night (EVAN IF ITS 2 AM!) just to make sure your safe.(me)
11. Will love her personality more than looks.(me)...(you: are you ugly?)(Me: ehh, im not gona lie, im not pretty or cute, but its a opion, most boyfriends love your looks and will always say your beautful...also this brings me to another thing. Guys do NOT EVER call your gf or best girl friend, sexy, hot, or any other words that relate to that. We tend to like the words "cute", "beautiful", thoughs words if your trieing to make us blush)
12. Cheer her up when she is down.(me)
13. Dont look at other girls unless their your sister, cozin,aunt,mom or any family member!(Me:THIS MAKES GIRL VERY PISSED!)
14. Have fun on your dates. Unless the girl is emo(and im just guessing here evan though Im emo myself.)
15.Will pick you up from school willingly just so he can see you smile, or frown.(I say frown because well just look#12!)(me)


I cant think of anything else so look for a squil. TOMAROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! I know its random but I just had to put it :). Rate it, message me if you liked it or hated it. I love feadback. Girls, and guys. Message me for ideas on more "poems" like this!

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