Deaths Symphony

Hope you like it

Created by jordan2092 on Thursday, August 21, 2008

The curtain falls

It cascades down in one red, velvet rush

All becomes quiet there’s no need for a hush

In one instant I was concealed from the world

I have become evanescent, exhorted, and forgotten

Ostracized by one all prevailing sin

Cast out from society and all who dwell within its social levels

Betrayed and begotten by its scourging devils

Alone I fall

Alone the tears come

Alone I will die

Unheard by all

Unnoticed I give into deaths phantasmagoric call

His presence is almost tangible

Its enclosing around me circling my being

I close my eyes and deaths glare I’m still seeing

His grasp is oppressive

It’s cold but intoxicating

My growing desire to let go is slowly pervading

Whispers of some sardonic melody echo around me

Lunatic, mad, forgotten, estranged, a hellish symphony

It wrings out through my ears

While these past few seconds have felt like an eternity, a collection of years

Numb, my body goes

Quickly, the light is extinguished

Slowly, my will dies out

I try to breathe but my lungs are constricted

I scream and yell but nothing comes out

Nothing silent, blood curdling shouts

Crumbling, my resistance falls

Melting, my cares fade away

Listening, the music puts me on edge; it puts my adrenaline into play

Dead, never again going to see the light of day

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