Good-bye My Friend (R.I.P. Daisy Pacheco)

This poem I dedicate to my friend Daisy Pacheco who passed away on June 26,2008.

Created by xangelxofxwitchesx on Friday, August 22, 2008

Right now I have no words
I've becomed mute
Nothing but blank stares and a flute
A flute that plays in my heart along with the other instruments that follow along
I guess theres nothing playing but a sad song
This summer wasn't what I expected to be
Nothing but bad news and a few couple of smiles there and over here
This summer I lost a friend

Someone I didn't expect

She wasn't the one who looked like she would end her life
She drank more than one pill
Saying goodbye to those who she hold dear
She overdosed in which she ended her life
No one knowing the reason why
A reason no one came to know
So to her funeral I went
Standing beside her coffin door
In which it was open to see
To smell odor free

I wish she could hear me
Cause, I want to ask her why?
She did what she did
I tried not to cry
But I guess it hurt so much
My tears flowed down my face
This is my first time losing a friend
I hope I don't lose one more, cause its a tragic end
A funeral I wish to never again attend

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