i jus made this up today

Created by xxxdecgurlxxx on Sunday, August 24, 2008

I hate you,
i dont wanna see your face,
your nothing but a fake,
i thought i could trust you,
looks like i was wrong,
you told everyone what was going on,
you were suppose to be my friend,
how could you?!
why would you tell people what was happening back then,
i didn't betray you,
i didn't lie to you,
so why do i deservesuch bull,
i was a true friend,
but your a backstabber,
i hate you for what you did,
you was never my friend,
i was just some random person to be gossiped about,
am i right?
i hope karma comes back around,
so it could be your turn,
to be laying on the ground

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