My LoveBug

this is a poem about a friend of mine who fell in love with suppossidly the wrong guy. And is embaressed to admit it except to her best friend. And then she passes on the lovebug to her best friend and now there both stuck with it.

Created by jlo8907 on Sunday, August 24, 2008

My LoveBug
Well where did it begin?,
I thought in the car,
It all started with a simple song,
Teardrops on my guitar.
He told me how awesome I was,
and that i was the greatest act,
When the truth was he liked me,
now that was the fact,
I thought it was nothing more "he's just a friend" I said
that was until, our eyes had met,
As the crush grew and grew I just wanted him to get away,
Then he gave me a special hug on Valentines Day,
Then it clicked 'oh my gosh he loves me'
And it turns out i did too,
Now all i had to do was tell him,
and that was the truth,
When I told my friend she totally freaked out,
what is his name?
I'll have to spell it out for you,
I said,
so it won't be lame,
His name starts with an R and it ends with an O
in fact he's My best cheergal's Bro,
Who i should say, is one grade below
As time went on neither of us wanted to admit it,
we knew we were ment for each other,
but we decided to stay low and keep our cover,
Then he broke my heart by flirting with a girl
and having a crush on her
when it really was his cover,
and to me that never occured
Then i gave my lovebug to my dearest friend,
she said it would be even harder,
for her own heart to mend,
Now I'm not embarassed to admit itand i still say,
"I love him even to this very day"
But our most precious moments are when we see each other,
in the hallwaysand say...,

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