My world, My rock

this is a poem i wrote about my birth mom, i was adopted so, yea.

Created by myxbeautifulxsuicide on Monday, September 01, 2008

I don't feel okay
Can't you see
You're the one
Who's hurting me
I wish I could blame another
But it wouldn't be true
There's only one person really hurting me
Well guess what, it's you
I love you so much
You're my world
You're my rock
Someone I could tell things to
Someone who would understand
When there's no you
My life turns upside-down
I can't keep my ground
So as I write this
Tears streaming down my face
I think of you
All the pain and sorrow you've put me through
But you're still my world
Still my rock
No one really gets me
The strange things I do
The only one who gets me
Well, the only one is you

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