Just Kill Me Now

This is better than self-suicide

Created by ZillyZeeZee0o0 on Monday, September 01, 2008

Kill me now
I don't what to live in this Hell
I, for sure, am looking for peace
Somewhere to relax and not feel any greif
I want a friend to hold me tight.
To tell me everything will be alright,
To hug me on those lonely nights.
I wish i had that friend by my side.
I want to be free
To roam the world without any enemies
To feel the earth in a way that can't be exactly explained,
Just to keep living without any pain
To see the world as a human-being
Leaving no trace of sorrow
Because soon, my corpse will fill its surface
Kill me instead
So I don't do it myself
Beacuse I see no one coming to my rescue
No gives me a simple care
I want to feel "happy".
But what does it mean?
Any suggestions for the defintion, please.
I'm trying hard to stay alive
But in this world, its a challenge i say i might better off die
Pull the trigger.
Do it now!
Get it over with!
I want a way out!
Out of the world.
And into the next.
Where I can feel free--
At least just for once,
Without any enimies

Shot me!
If you dare...
I want to die.
There won't be a care,
Not in the world
In heaven or hell
Just kill me now
I won't tell.

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